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Catastophes of the Day:

January 25, 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014.  -( a “6” Day )-

-9˚C / +16˚F @ 12:12 pm  –((  +1˚C / +34˚F @ 5:30 pm ))–  (Atlantic Time & I never realized there was another time zone between New York City and Newfoundland before I moved up here. Hell , most US weather maps don’t even acknowledge there might be anything north of our borders. No weather, just a vast grey nothingness?) ((No, we don’t all live in igloos. I haven’t seen a freepin igloo since I got here, 11 years ago.))

Snow: We had possibly a centimeter of snow, covered everything that was exposed. Looked like one flake for every cubic foot when I saw it falling. Got a little bit more intense but not much. Saw a flock of maybe 2 dozen small birds trying to land on bare tree branches. The fact that their weight was  pulling the small branches down apparently spooked them, they picked up and moved to a taller tree, tested it, nope, not good enough, so they flew in a weird formation off up the street, looking for another tree, I guess.

Natural Gas pipeline explosion in Manitoba. News person said “about 25 km south of Winnipeg”. Crawl says 50 km south of Winnipeg. 3500 people south of the explosion cut off from gas service. Kaboom at something like 1:15 am central time. Fireball went “300 feet into the air”  Fairly spectacular video.

Other news crawl?
Thousands without power in New Brunswick due to vandalism at substation.

Dozens stranded in white out due to blowing snow east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I thought I read: “PM Harper wants emergency Command Powers …” (( I thought he was demanding more control over everything in the wake of a rash of natural disasters- one step closer to Martial law? ))

But- The next time through the crawl read “PM Harper wants emergency Commons Debate on Ukraine”  —Time Slip? -or are my eyes going at an accelerated clip and my GMO-Poisoned mind filling in details that aren’t really there?

Yesterday’s fire at a nursing home in L’Isle Verte, Quebec is still top story. 2 people  (seniors 95 & 82 year olds) identified. Total :8 confirmed dead, 24 still not found (some probably under 2 feet of ice).

3 Dead in Suburban Baltimore Mall Shooting. Lots of aerial photography showing the Mall parking lot. (I’m not impressed with the parking lot.) Local first responder control freak tells a bunch of microphones -it took a lot of time to search all the nooks and crannies, washrooms, back offices and cubby holes to make sure everybody was out of the mall.- I’m not impressed with their efforts to disrupt everybody’s shopping day and assert control by searching every cubic micro millimeter of the mall.

Ukraine: President offers Prime Minister Position to Opposition Leader. Protestors say “He’s not OUR leader.” Others say it’s a baby step in the right direction.

Looks like the new world order people have been busy engineering catastrophes and keeping the common people off balance so they can be easily manipulated, ya think?

A couple days ago: (bkg: Our future step son in law is 22 years old, has taken a position as a flight instructor at the Fredericton Branch of the Moncton, New Brunswick Flight College. He is mostly dealing with Chinese Nationals learning to fly.) A 22 year old student doing night flight training lost power and had to crash land in the woods in a very hard to get to area up here in pretty much the north woods. First Responders went in on snow mobiles and 4-wheelers, kept him as warm as they could until I think they took him up in a helicopter. Crashed at something like 11:30 Atlantic Time. the description “22 year old” sent pangs of “Yikes!” coursing through us. The wild and crazy love of my life texted her future son in law “That 22 year old isn’t you, is it?” He texted back “No- but I flew that same plane earlier in the day.”  Eeep?  “Officials” report “The student did everything right. He has some minor injuries and suffered a little bit of hypothermia, but he did everything right.


— Night Eagle –(( @ 5:45 pm 01/25/2014 ))–

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