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Spirit Quest

11 February, 2010: Posted by indigonighteagle

I am a ‘Seeker’, a ‘Searcher’ and a ‘Truth Freak’.

I have searched various pathways, roads, and highways to ‘higher’ knowledge. I have tried various methods, schools, disciplines, systems, theories… (etc.) to find the truth.

Pieces of the ‘puzzle’ often fall into place only after you have knocked yourself out and laboured over where they should fit for days, months- years… sometimes these pieces only fall into place after you give up hope that you’ll ever understand or ‘know’ what it’s all about, what’s real, and where which bit of information or dis-information fits into the ‘big picture’.

Somebody exposed me to “Medicine Cards” and their system of approaching the understanding of Life and Spirituality through a Native American understanding of Totem animals as spirit guides. The meanings and personalities attached to various animals depicted on these cards, and the book that explains them, made more sense to me than any dream interpretation book I ever read, or scanned through.

I have a healthy skeptical streak. I am not a debunker, I don’t go into anything with a cement mind (all mixed up and permanently set). I don’t believe this is a religion that worships animals or lower astral spirits disguised as animals. It may be more like a belief system in which enlightened non corporeal beings (that some of us call ‘Angels’) appear to those with a certain mind set as animals, or animal spirits.

When trying to ascertain who or what my ‘guides’ might be or ‘be like’, I drew several cards.

The card I drew to represent the guide I have who/which assists me, or teaches me about, or helps me understand “The Great Star Nation” was “Owl”.

Owl is often called ‘Night Eagle’ and represents ‘Deception’ because it flies silently. Its prey doesn’t know it’s there until it’s too late. Many people, especially liars, are afraid of ‘Owl People’ because they sense we can see through their lies, and see them -not as they wish to be seen, but as they are. (or as close to ‘as they are’ as anybody can see them.)

So, yeah, I do make dangerous people uncomfortable. And yeah, maybe this principle, this flavour or note or chord of spiritual insight, or spiritual guidance; does help me see through lies and liars. (I take so many grains of sand with this suff, it’s a wonder I haven’t died of a heart attack a long time ago.)

I do not ‘channel’ wisdom from Night Eagle. This is a facet of my spiritual make-up that I bounce ideas and feelings off of.

Am I a Knight Eagle? Most ‘knights in shining armour’ were a whole lot more tarnished than history admits.

Do I subscribe to some lofty moral code of chivalry? Lofty moral code, yes. Chivialry? I doubt it.

I don’t let anybody define me by their misunderstanding of this world or their own delusions (or greed, or manipulative prowess… whatever).

And I am not “On” “24/7″. But I thought it might be a good Idea to write stuff here. Why? -who knows? -because it’s here and because I spent a lot of anguished time and energy looking for the understanding that is falling into place these days and I thought it might be nice to ‘put it out there’ for anybody who might be struggling themselves.

—that works.

—————Night Eagle

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