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I’m getting me back :)

April 29, 2013

— Went on a self recovery journey to a place called “Ompah”: The Goddess & the Green Man, Crystal Earth Retreat.

Earlier spring, but this is what the Retreat looks like

Went there earlier in the spring, but this is what the Retreat looks like.

Click here to visit their web site  <— (Link)  The retreat is run by Allan and Catherine Green. Allan specializes in Past Life and Spiritual Journeys, Catherine is a gifted energy healer.

I actually went there to see if we could find anything in a pertinent past life that might explain weird aches and pains and blocks in my efforts to move my spiritual journeys forward. My spouse went there especially to clear up questions she had about her past lives, and confirmations for things she has known about her life path but couldn’t quite put into words.

I began writing down some of our findings on the ‘About‘ page here when it complained that I hadn’t explained myself up to that page’s hopes / expectations. (I plan to add to what I put there soon, but I need to digest a few things first and get it right when I write it out.)

Allan, our guide (who also plugged us into our more cosmic guides) is a guy who spends his between life regeneration time in the Plaeides. Catherine, who had several errands to catch up on, told us to ‘have fun at the movies’ and left us in her husband’s capable guidance.

allan_1 <— That’s a photo of Allan in Sedona (Arizona, not the one on Mars) 🙂 Link to Allan’s other site <— (Link)

I was happily surprised with what we discovered in our sessions and both my spouse and I experienced positive energy surges and rapid progress with projects that had stalled. That night when we got back home, she found information in email about a relative she hadn’t been able to trace, no matter how hard she’d tried.

I’ve felt a positive surge of energy that even seemed to be contagious, infecting people I see every day. One friend asked about a project I’ve been developing for some time, he never had the time to check it out. I pointed him toward the website where I’ve been documenting my progress and he immediately became quite enthusiastic, asked if it was okay if  he showed a friend of his what I’ve been up to. — It’s like I’m getting parts of me back that were slowly and steadily worn away by what we have come to expect from life in these times on this planet.

—Sunday morning was an entirely gorgeous day. I glanced left while driving across a bridge to see a rather mundane species of bird flying along beside me, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful.

—It feels like whatever was blocking my energy was gone.

—A few days passed, I used new insights to pull hooks out of my soul before I went to sleep and woke up with a lot less pain and weird numbness than I’ve been experiencing lately. On two mornings in a row I woke up feeling a whole lot more refreshed than I’ve felt in a long time.

—I’m looking forward to more amazing discoveries every day on our way to a future we can actually love and embrace with all our being-

———Empoweringly yours,

————— Night Eagle

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