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Finding Our Way In The Dark

How do we know what’s actually going on in this world? I hope you don’t trust your government to tell you the truth about anything. Most main-stream media are controlled by dark shadowy phantoms with an agenda. Unless you’ve grown a really good b.s. filter you won’t know what to believe and what to run away from with your ears plugged, screaming as you go so you don’t let any of their propaganda filter into your mind and soul and further confuse the part of you that believes it needs a grip on ‘Reality’.

Politicians? If any politician utters the words: “Jobs” or “Leadership”, you can count on 2 things: (1.) They have no clue as to how this universe works or what we’re here to learn or accomplish, and (2.) They do not have your better interests at heart. The current US President, (I’m writing this in July of 2012) Barak Obama, may have had soaring altruistic goals when he incarnated, but he was bought and sold by the dark side the second he agreed to become their front man and run for office. George W Bush Never won a single presidential election. He was ushered into office by dirty tricks and manipulation behind the scenes.

The greedy, power hungry morons who believe they run the world are, in turn, under the thumbs of darker, more shadowy beings with an agenda which the greedy “elite”, who imagine themselves as puppet masters to the ‘great unwashed’,  can’t even begin to fathom as they have been manipulated, lied to, and maneuvered into their currently deluded state. Never mind they had JFK assassinated for going against their program, the same way they had Abraham Lincoln assassinated (both with bullets to their brains in very public spaces), they still “know not what they’re doing” no matter how illuminated they believe they might be.

Are we left alone in the dark? Hopelessly groping around, trying to discover who we are, why we’re here, what life is all about? Is there a God? Were we created by God’s hand? Spoken into being by a divine ‘Word’? Breathed into being by a divine breath? Guided into being by angelic beings who are in constant contact with God? Manipulated into being by dark forces with a greedy, power hungry agenda?

Do not take my word for anything. Look inside yourself, learn to know what’s going on inside and apply that to your world, your outlook, your choices, hopes, dreams, goals and all that.

I discovered that in the deepest parts of me, when I stripped away every illusion and delusion I could find, when I somehow managed to step out of my ego, I want to be a “good” person. I want to take responsibility for my life, my actions; and if I make a mistake here and there, it’s my fault, not yours, not the government’s, not the dark evil forces that are trying to control us all with false information. When I made that decision I felt paralyzed at first, afraid to do anything out of fear that it might help the dark side torture and manipulate more people into mindless obedience to their dark agenda. Gradually, I came to realize that if I move ahead, with faith that the forces of light and love and all that- will guide me, and if I mess up based on being misinformed by the bad guys, the good guys will find a way to let me know, will forgive me and help me find my way forward, upward, toward the light we can’t even see in our current state.

Gradually, we discover what is right for us and find the courage to move forward, based on inner conviction. Gradually, we realize that we can’t trust our ‘elected officials’. Gradually, we realize that we can’t know what this world is about without help. This world may be one incredibly huge dramatic ‘play’ orchestrated by our Creator. And what that play is all about is  at once too deep to fathom, too shallow to embrace, too wonderful to fear, too terrifying to dismiss… too everything to get a grasp on it while we’re a part of it.

And when our heads stop spinning we go on- to the next step, next chapter, next…. whatever.


——— More coming soon, )I promise), Night Eagle.

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