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Weird Dreams

December 4, 2011

I woke up with one cat purring beside me and another trying to open the door to join him.

As I lie there, I was remembering the last couple dreams I’d been involved in. It seemed that I had been through some kind of inventory check to see how much I was being ripped off by people and things in my life.

Results were telling me things in terms of numbers. Like: I now have 3 allies and an income stream of “4.5” but it didn’t tell me “4.5 (what?)”

I just kind of hovered at the edge of consciousness.

And then I remembered something I heard on the radio a couple nights ago. Somebody called in and said that US Military personnel were being asked this question if they wanted to re-enlist:

“Would you fire on US Citizens if ordered to?”

& If their answer was, “No.” They would not be allowed to re-enlist.

Somehow or other this translated itself to questions about ‘Law Enforcement’:

I was standing in the rain in a dream with a television camera and a microphone and an umbrella over my head asking a police officer who had just pulled a motor vehicle driver over and demanded his license and registration:

I asked the policeman the question that is above in the form of a poll.

The policeman was visibly uncomfortable, trying to find a way to not answer the question and get me out of his immediate vicinity without committing any kind of crime on camera.

I woke up the second time waiting for the dream policeman to answer.

———Night Eagle (Somewhere in Canada)

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