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Yikes. Who left this in my inbox?

March 4, 2010

I found this note in my inbox: Typed, alone at the top of a piece of 8 & 1/2 X 11 paper (we used to call it typewriter paper?)

“I’ve come to the conclusion that only immoral and amoral predators & dishonest practitioners can survive and thrive in this world. Anybody who tries to play by the rules of honesty and decency must be considered ‘fair game’ to be shredded, fleeced and eaten alive by his competitors.”

I haven’t found anybody hanging in the wash room, so I guess this isn’t a suicide note.

wow, this is weird.

—————Night Eagle


Hiccup in the system?

February 18, 2010

Heck, I checked the conspiracy theories page, then tried to write something about Gas Prices. wordpress seems to having a bit of a problem just now.

—————Night Eagle

p.s. Hmmmm- It took this okay- maybe it doesn’t like conspiracy issues. 🙂

Government Finances and Taxes

February 18, 2010

Walter Burien is a former commodities trader who says that the U.S. Government has so much money coming in from their immense and unreported income sources that they are basically fraudulently taxing the U.S. People. (click on his name at the beginning of this paragraph to see his website.)

The only income that the US government reports to its citizens is through taxes. Taxes make up less than one third of their income. Tax “crises” like the recent one in California are completely overblown, and overshadowed by their real income. According to Mr Burien, 60% of world governments follow the US model.

This amounts to a massive Fraud perpetrated by these governments, which no longer need to fleece their citizens to provide the services they provide. These governments could also provide a much higher level of services to their people and still have money left over. If you and I tried to do what our governments are doing we’d be charged with tax evasion, given a very high profile trial and locked up in prison for quite a while.

IF what  Mr Burien reports is true, it’s way past time we held our governments to account for the fraud they’re perpetrating on us, and to pay us back with interest and at least free health care, free electricity and a whole lot more, Don’t’cha think???

—————Night Eagle

More on Gas Conspiracies:

February 17, 2010

I’m trying to contact this guy (the one who first posted this in his own blog):


We don’t need no stinkin corporate extortionists squeezing money out of us under the pretext that there is a world wide crisis in the supply of crude oil.

The cover of Lindsey Williams' Book

Above is the cover of a book written by a Baptist Chaplain whose missionary soul led him to volunteer to try to save souls (and lives) and encourage moral strength among those who were working on the Alaska Pipe Line. The oil company was very happy that they had someone up there, working for free, helping their bottom line by encouraging their workers not to get drunk and miss the next day’s work, or perform beneath their usual capacity due to hang-overs; or not to catch social diseases and miss more time or maybe even cost the company medical expenses, or drive their medical insurance premiums higher…. that they, the company, made the Chaplain an honorary officer of their corporation.

A high powered motivational speaker came to talk to the supervisors in the field, demanded that all supervisory personnel be present, and one of the top supervisors in the area figured that since the Chaplain was an honorary corporate officer, he was on the ‘Must be invited” list.

The hot shot speaker came in and said, “There is no energy crisis. There never was any energy crisis. And from what we know now, there never will be an energy crisis.” The speaker went on to boast that there was enough oil under Gull Island in Alaska to drive gasoline prices back under a dollar per gallon (US) ((about 25 cents per litre Canadian)). The company was pumping enough natural gas back into the ground up there to light the entire East Coast of the US – free – for a hundred years.

The Alaskan pipeline is set up to handle three times its current volume. But they don’t want you to know that. They don’t want you to know that there is more oil stored in ’strategic reserves’ than ever before and that oil companies are receiving (and recording) record high profits.

The Chaplain was upset about the deceit being perpetrated by the oil company and started talking about it. His talks were listened to with such fervor that he took the advice that a lot of people were giving him and wrote a book.

When the oil company executives heard about the book and read it, they were so pleased they sent out cries of, “Bring me the head of the moron who invited this guy to that meeting!” And, when they found out which executive had mistakenly believed them when they said they wanted all their officers present (and nobody had said that honorary officers should be excluded) They fired their executive. The fired executive was so pleased with being fired that he read the Chaplain’s book and offered his services to correct a couple points that weren’t 1,000% accurate and supplied the corrected specs, etc.

But don’t just take my word for it. Get the book and read it. Do google searches on research that the energy crisis is a complete fabrication.

Write your elected officials demanding that oil company executives be held responsible. Demand that elected officials who are ‘in the pockets’ of oil companies be held accountable.

Demand that technology that the oil companies have squashed be released. We don’t need no stinkin gasoline driven rust buckets. What we’re seeing on our streets is actually obsolete technology being ‘kept alive’ by ‘beedy grastards’ who are having a great time lying to you, manipulating your fears, making bigger profits than ever and getting away with telling you that supplies are at an all time low when they’re at an all time high.

You might also want to fire up your favourite search engine and look for “The Black Gold Stranglehold” by Jerome Corsi and Craig R Smith (read both sides of the argument, make up your own mind.)

And do another search on “Abiotic Oil” – read about the theory that oil is not just the bi-product of rotting dinosaurs, but may be a naturally occuring substance that this planet (and others, some that probably never had any kind of life on them) produces in much greater quantities than any oil company executive (and many shareholders) want you to learn about.

I don’t know, excuse me, I don’t have a really good wrap up for this rant…. I don’t have all the answers, I’m not sure I have any answers at all. Maybe I’ll buy myself a bicycle.

Maybe I should just bounce this issue out in front of you and let you chase it for a while- Tell me if you come to the same conclusion I came to.


-dj otterson


Above is an article I lifted from another blog, I am still trying to get in touch with Mr Otterson.

—————Night Eagle

Gasoline / Oil Conspiracies

February 15, 2010

(15 February, 2010)

A friend of mine told me that in 1973, during the first ‘Gas Crisis’, when lines were forming around the block, people waiting to get gas for their cars for an hour or more; representatives of oil companies were running around New England trying to find anyplace they could where they could hide significant quantities of gasoline until the ‘shortage’ could be declared over.

Lots of huge oil tankers were waiting off the coast of the eastern United States, blackmailing the government, refusing to move until the oil they were carrying could be labeled, “New Oil” so their cargo could have its price raised from something like 3 dollars a barrel to something like 30 dollars a barrel.

This is only part one of the Great Oil Manipulation /conspiracy.

—————Night Eagle

Personality Theory

February 14, 2010

-14 February, 2010

Personality Theory, MBTI (Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator).

For people trying to understand their place in this world, or the universe, their relationship with the mundane and/or the divine… along with “Be still and know thyself”; There are several tools or schools of thought.

the MBTI is probably one of the best. People have told me they felt empowered by the results of the MBTI tests. Results explain that not everybody is meant to be a football hero, that many people are “hard wired” to pursue other types of careers, etc.

Here’s the dumbed down version:

The MBTI divides people into 16 groups, according to how you fit in, how you answer questions on a test.

This system uses 4 polarities, Extravert vs Introvert; Sensing vs iNtuitive; Thinking vs Feeling; and Judging vs Perceiving. Your answers to the test questions measure your preferences. For instance, people who would rather approach life through their feelings, than thinking are not necessarily less intelligent than those who would rather think than feel.

When you’re feeling traumatized; do you: 1) want to be surrounded by friends and noise? or 2) want to crawl into a nice quiet place and chill? (( #1 = Extravert. #2 = Introvert.))

Would you rather: 1) Deal only with things you can see, feel, measure, hear, taste or smell? or 2) Don’t mind dealing with things you can imagine? (( #1 = Sensing. #2 = iNtuitive.))

Would you rather: 1) Filter the world around you through your thought processes? or 2) Approach the world around through your feelings? (( #1 = Thinking. #2 = Feeling. ))

When you are forced to change your plans at the last minute, do you: 1) Have a great deal of difficulty, show anger and feel miserable? 2) Shrug it off and think, heck, I can do something else? (( #1 = Judging. #2 = Perceiving. ))

You now compile your prefverences into a 4 letter acronym. ESTJ would be Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. INFP would be Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving. And there would be a whole lot of various combinations, all of which have their own ‘style’ of approaching life and their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Later, I’ll put a link in here where you can go find a better, or at least deeper explanation.

—————Night Eagle

Violence In Vancouver, BC

February 14, 2010

-13 February, 2010

-The teevee news showed ‘protesters’ dressed in black with hoods and heavy duty black cloth things covering their mouths.

I got a weird feeling seeing these guys, and then when they were smashing store windows I ‘flashed back’ to scenes from a movie that may have been titled “the Battle in Seattle”.

In that movie, cops dressed up as protesters and tried to incite violence so more police could use stronger measures to ‘clean up the streets’.

In the movie also, one police officer’s pregnant wife couldn’t get home from her job or school and had to walk a route that led her into the thick of things, where police men were chasing prostestors, thinking they were protecting their brother officers and the public, and one of these police guys belted the pregnant (but not obviously pregnant) woman in the stomach, and she at least loses the baby. (-details not as sharp as they used to be.)

So. like everything else I tell you. Do not take anything I say as if I got it from the mouth of God or anything, check it out. (And let me know what you think.)

But anyway, The protestors breaking windows and destroying stuff gave me the old hackles rising at the back of my neck stuff. And I’m not sure they were honest protestors.

Let me know what you think.

Coverage on Canadian news programmes differed. One network told us that other protestors had tried to stop the masked protestors from smashing windows and stuff while another network interviewed a woman protestor (wearing a neckerchief that covered her mouth and nose) who said something along the lines of, -yeah, well, people get upset about things and when they’re pissed off at the way innocent people who just happen to be poor are treated, we can’t always control them.- (( paraphrased, but I think I got the intent right. ))

Sigh- (draft saved at 12:12:21, wow, coincidence or what?)

I think we Earthlings need all the help we can get. (If anybody out there can lend a hand, please do.) Meanwhile, I wish I knew what I was seeing when things like this happen.

—————Night Eagle

Secret Mars Base Outed?

February 13, 2010

13 February, 2010.

I need to check a bit more deeply, but I heard a rumour that Dwight D Eisenhower’s granddaugter told the world that she had been approached to join a project inside a secret US base on Mars.

Watch this space, I’ll keep you posted.

-About half an hour later: Article Link (*Below should be the long version of this link. it doesn’t format well, went off the page in my browser.)

-Related Article: Link

(* Long version of original Link:

—————Night Eagle

Conspiracy Theories

February 12, 2010

I did a startpage search on “indigonighteagle” to see if it would link me back here : one hit. (Almost Direct)

My first entry was listed on a wordpress page : Conspiracy Theories ((

I think I’m impressed.

But- do they know what I’m thinking almost before I do? (Try to look dull eyed and stupid, ya know, like everybody else. They only attack the ones they can’t control.)

(insert wicked grin)

I’m an experientialist. If you haven’t experienced something, it doesn’t exist for you.

& sunnamagun… we’ve experienced a lot, ya think?

—————Night Eagle

Night Eagle / Knight Eagle

February 11, 2010

I am a ‘Seeker’, a ‘Searcher’ and a ‘Truth Freak’.

I have searched various pathways, roads, and highways to ‘higher’ knowledge. I have tried various methods, schools, disciplines, systems, theories… (etc.) to find the truth.

Pieces of the ‘puzzle’ often fall into place only after you have knocked yourself out and laboured over where they should fit for days, months- years… sometimes these pieces only fall into place after you give up hope that you’ll ever understand or ‘know’ what it’s all about, what’s real, and where which bit of information or dis-information fits into the ‘big picture’.

Somebody exposed me to “Medicine Cards” and their system of approaching the understanding of Life and Spirituality through a Native American understanding of Totem animals as spirit guides. The meanings and personalities attached to various animals depicted on these cards, and the book that explains them, made more sense to me than any dream interpretation book I ever read, or scanned through.

I have a healthy skeptical streak. I am not a debunker, I don’t go into anything with a cement mind (all mixed up and permanently set). I don’t believe this is a religion that worships animals or lower astral spirits disguised as animals. It may be more like a belief system in which enlightened non corporeal beings (that some of us call ‘Angels’) appear to those with a certain mind set as animals, or animal spirits.

When trying to ascertain who or what my ‘guides’ might be or ‘be like’, I drew several cards.

The card I drew to represent the guide I have who/which assists me, or teaches me about, or helps me understand “The Great Star Nation” was “Owl”.

Owl is often called ‘Night Eagle’ and represents ‘Deception’ because it flies silently. Its prey doesn’t know it’s there until it’s too late. Many people, especially liars, are afraid of ‘Owl People’ because they sense we can see through their lies, and see them -not as they wish to be seen, but as they are. (or as close to ‘as they are’ as anybody can see them.)

So, yeah, I do make dangerous people uncomfortable. And yeah, maybe this principle, this flavour or note or chord of spiritual insight, or spiritual guidance; does help me see through lies and liars. (I take so many grains of sand with this suff, it’s a wonder I haven’t died of a heart attack a long time ago.)

I do not ‘channel’ wisdom from Night Eagle. This is a facet of my spiritual make-up that I bounce ideas and feelings off of.

Am I a Knight Eagle? Most ‘knights in shining armour’ were a whole lot more tarnished than history admits.

Do I subscribe to some lofty moral code of chivalry? Lofty moral code, yes. Chivialry? I doubt it.

I don’t let anybody define me by their misunderstanding of this world or their own delusions (or greed, or manipulative prowess… whatever).

And I am not “On” “24/7”. But I thought it might be a good Idea to write stuff here. Why? -who knows? -because it’s here and because I spent a lot of anguished time and energy looking for the understanding that is falling into place these days and I thought it might be nice to ‘put it out there’ for anybody who might be struggling themselves.

—that works.

—————Night Eagle