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Religious Differences

July 7, 2010

Any true religion should be a system for taking care of your body, mind and spirit.

The core of all true religions is the same Truth. The variations we perceive are what happens when the core truth is perceived  (more likely ‘filtered’) through the culture in which its followers live.

Most religions have been warped by men or women (usually men) who want power, who are not above lying to you about anything and everything, especially if it gives them some kind of power over you. If they can take a message of pure spiritual love and warp that into fear and divisiveness, they will do so. They will edit and rewrite any Holy book to their own advantage. They will tell you you will burn in hell if you don’t honour their orders.

They may try to tell you that your ticket to heaven is assured if you kill members of any or all other religions. If you believe them and do go out and kill anybody based on the fact that those people do not share your religion- you will put yourself through hell. The persons who convince you to kill on the basis of religion will suffer too.

Anybody who thinks religion is a joke to be manipulated to force ‘inferior’ people to do their bidding is in for a shock.

We don’t have to worry about bringing them to justice. Justice finds them.

—————Night Eagle

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