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Cycles of Hope

July 6, 2010

Not so long ago I had a time when my dreams left me feeling I was communicating almost nightly with beings of light. There was one dream in which I was sure a healing angel was showing me how the healing was done and I woke up feeling refreshed and more alive than usual.

More recently, I was dreaming about warfare between spirits, and listened to conversations where the people of whatever dimension I was in were approving of flying cats who were attacking and killing what we would probably think of as ‘good guys’.

I felt awful when I woke up. Like dark thoughts or dark things have been draining me.

The last dream I had before waking up to go to work tonight was better, I had gone to sleep chanting and reaching out, reaching up, asking the Creator to let me know whether my friends were right and I should never ask Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters or Prophets for anything, but should go directly to God.

I did not get a direct answer. But the dream I had was not as depressing as the last few I’ve had.

I dreamed I was part of a young team going to play a championship game of hockey against a more experienced team and was getting some last minute coaching while people around us were complaining that the weather was too hot and it had never snowed on this date, not in thirty years. Some other people were laughing at us because our equipment was not the best that money could buy. Then someone who had come with us tried to joke with us and told us that the young ones in a classroom we could see were suffering through a Latin test, so we should feel better, at least our test wouldn’t be that bad.

—————Night Eagle

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