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Catastophes of the Day:

January 25, 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014.  -( a “6” Day )-

-9˚C / +16˚F @ 12:12 pm  –((  +1˚C / +34˚F @ 5:30 pm ))–  (Atlantic Time & I never realized there was another time zone between New York City and Newfoundland before I moved up here. Hell , most US weather maps don’t even acknowledge there might be anything north of our borders. No weather, just a vast grey nothingness?) ((No, we don’t all live in igloos. I haven’t seen a freepin igloo since I got here, 11 years ago.))

Snow: We had possibly a centimeter of snow, covered everything that was exposed. Looked like one flake for every cubic foot when I saw it falling. Got a little bit more intense but not much. Saw a flock of maybe 2 dozen small birds trying to land on bare tree branches. The fact that their weight was  pulling the small branches down apparently spooked them, they picked up and moved to a taller tree, tested it, nope, not good enough, so they flew in a weird formation off up the street, looking for another tree, I guess.

Natural Gas pipeline explosion in Manitoba. News person said “about 25 km south of Winnipeg”. Crawl says 50 km south of Winnipeg. 3500 people south of the explosion cut off from gas service. Kaboom at something like 1:15 am central time. Fireball went “300 feet into the air”  Fairly spectacular video.

Other news crawl?
Thousands without power in New Brunswick due to vandalism at substation.

Dozens stranded in white out due to blowing snow east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I thought I read: “PM Harper wants emergency Command Powers …” (( I thought he was demanding more control over everything in the wake of a rash of natural disasters- one step closer to Martial law? ))

But- The next time through the crawl read “PM Harper wants emergency Commons Debate on Ukraine”  —Time Slip? -or are my eyes going at an accelerated clip and my GMO-Poisoned mind filling in details that aren’t really there?

Yesterday’s fire at a nursing home in L’Isle Verte, Quebec is still top story. 2 people  (seniors 95 & 82 year olds) identified. Total :8 confirmed dead, 24 still not found (some probably under 2 feet of ice).

3 Dead in Suburban Baltimore Mall Shooting. Lots of aerial photography showing the Mall parking lot. (I’m not impressed with the parking lot.) Local first responder control freak tells a bunch of microphones -it took a lot of time to search all the nooks and crannies, washrooms, back offices and cubby holes to make sure everybody was out of the mall.- I’m not impressed with their efforts to disrupt everybody’s shopping day and assert control by searching every cubic micro millimeter of the mall.

Ukraine: President offers Prime Minister Position to Opposition Leader. Protestors say “He’s not OUR leader.” Others say it’s a baby step in the right direction.

Looks like the new world order people have been busy engineering catastrophes and keeping the common people off balance so they can be easily manipulated, ya think?

A couple days ago: (bkg: Our future step son in law is 22 years old, has taken a position as a flight instructor at the Fredericton Branch of the Moncton, New Brunswick Flight College. He is mostly dealing with Chinese Nationals learning to fly.) A 22 year old student doing night flight training lost power and had to crash land in the woods in a very hard to get to area up here in pretty much the north woods. First Responders went in on snow mobiles and 4-wheelers, kept him as warm as they could until I think they took him up in a helicopter. Crashed at something like 11:30 Atlantic Time. the description “22 year old” sent pangs of “Yikes!” coursing through us. The wild and crazy love of my life texted her future son in law “That 22 year old isn’t you, is it?” He texted back “No- but I flew that same plane earlier in the day.”  Eeep?  “Officials” report “The student did everything right. He has some minor injuries and suffered a little bit of hypothermia, but he did everything right.


— Night Eagle –(( @ 5:45 pm 01/25/2014 ))–


I’m getting me back :)

April 29, 2013

— Went on a self recovery journey to a place called “Ompah”: The Goddess & the Green Man, Crystal Earth Retreat.

Earlier spring, but this is what the Retreat looks like

Went there earlier in the spring, but this is what the Retreat looks like.

Click here to visit their web site  <— (Link)  The retreat is run by Allan and Catherine Green. Allan specializes in Past Life and Spiritual Journeys, Catherine is a gifted energy healer.

I actually went there to see if we could find anything in a pertinent past life that might explain weird aches and pains and blocks in my efforts to move my spiritual journeys forward. My spouse went there especially to clear up questions she had about her past lives, and confirmations for things she has known about her life path but couldn’t quite put into words.

I began writing down some of our findings on the ‘About‘ page here when it complained that I hadn’t explained myself up to that page’s hopes / expectations. (I plan to add to what I put there soon, but I need to digest a few things first and get it right when I write it out.)

Allan, our guide (who also plugged us into our more cosmic guides) is a guy who spends his between life regeneration time in the Plaeides. Catherine, who had several errands to catch up on, told us to ‘have fun at the movies’ and left us in her husband’s capable guidance.

allan_1 <— That’s a photo of Allan in Sedona (Arizona, not the one on Mars) 🙂 Link to Allan’s other site <— (Link)

I was happily surprised with what we discovered in our sessions and both my spouse and I experienced positive energy surges and rapid progress with projects that had stalled. That night when we got back home, she found information in email about a relative she hadn’t been able to trace, no matter how hard she’d tried.

I’ve felt a positive surge of energy that even seemed to be contagious, infecting people I see every day. One friend asked about a project I’ve been developing for some time, he never had the time to check it out. I pointed him toward the website where I’ve been documenting my progress and he immediately became quite enthusiastic, asked if it was okay if  he showed a friend of his what I’ve been up to. — It’s like I’m getting parts of me back that were slowly and steadily worn away by what we have come to expect from life in these times on this planet.

—Sunday morning was an entirely gorgeous day. I glanced left while driving across a bridge to see a rather mundane species of bird flying along beside me, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful.

—It feels like whatever was blocking my energy was gone.

—A few days passed, I used new insights to pull hooks out of my soul before I went to sleep and woke up with a lot less pain and weird numbness than I’ve been experiencing lately. On two mornings in a row I woke up feeling a whole lot more refreshed than I’ve felt in a long time.

—I’m looking forward to more amazing discoveries every day on our way to a future we can actually love and embrace with all our being-

———Empoweringly yours,

————— Night Eagle

New Page : Finding our way in the dark.

July 10, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time and energy to post here.

But I’m feeling compelled to write about how we can learn to find our way toward Love and Light and all that while being bombarded by bull chip spouting moroons all around around us.

I will get this out, and soon, I hope…

———thanks for being there.

————— Night Eagle

Weird Dreams

December 4, 2011

I woke up with one cat purring beside me and another trying to open the door to join him.

As I lie there, I was remembering the last couple dreams I’d been involved in. It seemed that I had been through some kind of inventory check to see how much I was being ripped off by people and things in my life.

Results were telling me things in terms of numbers. Like: I now have 3 allies and an income stream of “4.5” but it didn’t tell me “4.5 (what?)”

I just kind of hovered at the edge of consciousness.

And then I remembered something I heard on the radio a couple nights ago. Somebody called in and said that US Military personnel were being asked this question if they wanted to re-enlist:

“Would you fire on US Citizens if ordered to?”

& If their answer was, “No.” They would not be allowed to re-enlist.

Somehow or other this translated itself to questions about ‘Law Enforcement’:

I was standing in the rain in a dream with a television camera and a microphone and an umbrella over my head asking a police officer who had just pulled a motor vehicle driver over and demanded his license and registration:

I asked the policeman the question that is above in the form of a poll.

The policeman was visibly uncomfortable, trying to find a way to not answer the question and get me out of his immediate vicinity without committing any kind of crime on camera.

I woke up the second time waiting for the dream policeman to answer.

———Night Eagle (Somewhere in Canada)


December 3, 2011

In the coupe d’etat in sixty three

They removed that ornery Kennedy

Enthroned their puppet L.B.J.

And sent a well educated generation off to die

In a war they never declared -over “there”.

A generation of strong minded, strong willed rebels

squabbled over which bits and bytes of propaganda

they would swallow, embrace, believe…

And the devil laughed with glee

as he posted a map of north america

with a little red flag:

“Divided and Conquered”.

When a thousand heroes looked up from their bongs

and said “We have not yet begun to fight.”

The devil laughed, “You’re not far from wrong.”

“But while I’m here, I’m removing your rights!”

And their president signed a bill nobody had the patience to read all the way through

which ordered the US military

to fire on US Citizens.

And the pResident laughed with the devil and raised his glass

“You bet your……*”

“To the Divided and Conquered”.


Coast to Coast A.M. is a magical resource

July 10, 2011

Hey, I found my password. It’s only been a year since my last post.

& I’m listening to Ian Punnett on Coast to Coast AM talking about magical thinking and looking for the basis of modern scientific thought in “Hermetic Philosophy” going back to Egyptian days and beyond.

Anyway. Here’s a poll:

—–thanks —–Night Eagle

Religious Differences

July 7, 2010

Any true religion should be a system for taking care of your body, mind and spirit.

The core of all true religions is the same Truth. The variations we perceive are what happens when the core truth is perceived  (more likely ‘filtered’) through the culture in which its followers live.

Most religions have been warped by men or women (usually men) who want power, who are not above lying to you about anything and everything, especially if it gives them some kind of power over you. If they can take a message of pure spiritual love and warp that into fear and divisiveness, they will do so. They will edit and rewrite any Holy book to their own advantage. They will tell you you will burn in hell if you don’t honour their orders.

They may try to tell you that your ticket to heaven is assured if you kill members of any or all other religions. If you believe them and do go out and kill anybody based on the fact that those people do not share your religion- you will put yourself through hell. The persons who convince you to kill on the basis of religion will suffer too.

Anybody who thinks religion is a joke to be manipulated to force ‘inferior’ people to do their bidding is in for a shock.

We don’t have to worry about bringing them to justice. Justice finds them.

—————Night Eagle

Proving Reincarnation

July 7, 2010

Reincarnation is something you can only prove to yourself. You have to be able to leave your body. (Some people call this astral projection). If you can leave your body via astral projection, you can travel in time. If you can travel in time you can follow yourself back to previous lives, maybe ahead to future lives.

Cycles of Hope

July 6, 2010

Not so long ago I had a time when my dreams left me feeling I was communicating almost nightly with beings of light. There was one dream in which I was sure a healing angel was showing me how the healing was done and I woke up feeling refreshed and more alive than usual.

More recently, I was dreaming about warfare between spirits, and listened to conversations where the people of whatever dimension I was in were approving of flying cats who were attacking and killing what we would probably think of as ‘good guys’.

I felt awful when I woke up. Like dark thoughts or dark things have been draining me.

The last dream I had before waking up to go to work tonight was better, I had gone to sleep chanting and reaching out, reaching up, asking the Creator to let me know whether my friends were right and I should never ask Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters or Prophets for anything, but should go directly to God.

I did not get a direct answer. But the dream I had was not as depressing as the last few I’ve had.

I dreamed I was part of a young team going to play a championship game of hockey against a more experienced team and was getting some last minute coaching while people around us were complaining that the weather was too hot and it had never snowed on this date, not in thirty years. Some other people were laughing at us because our equipment was not the best that money could buy. Then someone who had come with us tried to joke with us and told us that the young ones in a classroom we could see were suffering through a Latin test, so we should feel better, at least our test wouldn’t be that bad.

—————Night Eagle

The “Great Deception”

March 8, 2010

Let me copy and paste this:

===== (Begin Quote)

“Snow is melting. I wish I could say hearts were melting too.

“I heard a politician giving a speech this afternoon. He was stumbling over the phrase “The Great Recession” that I believe he was trying to use, maybe to coin, for the financial mess the media have been trying to convince us we’re in the middle of.

“I heard somebody else explain that this is an attempt to manipulate millions of people into a panic so a few unscrupulous people who want to rule them can take action toward that end.

“Anyway, the politician stumbled over the words and it sounded like “the great reception” and then my brain went to work and called it “The Great Deception.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if that description sticks and we throw the bumbs out and start again with a nice clean slate?”


(end of quote)

Welcome to the Great Deception. Now how do we wake each other up? Any suggestions?

—————Night Eagle